Who am I?

Who am I?

Good question. I really don’t know how to describe myself without being awkward about it. But this is my web page and it’s what it’s for.

I am Pau Roigé Gargallo, born in Barcelona in 1992 and lived there until 2015. Then I just moved to Edinburgh (Scotland) to widen my world a little bit. I went back to Barcelona, where I’m actually based.

I am one of those weird people who love to be alone in a room, writing ideas that suddenly came up in the shower, watching tonnes of series and reading screenplays because “this is what we do”. I’ve written series, sketches, monologues, short films and I’m currently working on a feature film. I try to keep myself as busiest as possible, which is the cure against procrastination.

Also, you may like to know that I have a wide knowledge (can I call it talent?) about sound, having worked in series, films and short films as a sound designer, sound recordist and sound editor.

I have studied a Degree in Audiovisual Communications and a Postgraduate Degree in Directing and Writing Comedy for TV and Radio in Barcelona, and a Masters Degree in Screenwriting in Edinburgh. All these has given me the basics (or more than that, it’s been a lot of years, let’s be honest) of a crazy industry called Film and Television.

And I’ll use this last line to say that I love to eat cereal.